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Diabetes in Men

The treatments for type 2 diabetes have different effects on the heart of men and women, even as the drugs control blood sugar equally well in both sexes, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. 

Overview of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes: The type 1 diabetes is caused by a faulty immune system attacking the insulin producing cells. Insulin regulates blood sugar level, so type 1 diabetes patients will need to take insulin for the rest of their lives. It can occur at any age, mostly seen in children and adolescents. 

Type 2 diabetes: The type 2 diabetes has the same signs as in type 1 diabetes, but it is more obvious and less gradual. Type 1 people often lose weight, because the body is unable to use sugar for energy and must depend on the fat and muscle stores.

Overweight, family history of diabetes, and an inactive lifestyle are the factors that cause type 2 diabetes. Traditionally it is seen in adults, now it seen more in younger people.

Diabetes in Men and women

Women with diabetes have it worse, on average, than men with diabetes. The bodies of men and women are of course not the same so the difference in physiology is almost certainly involved. In addition research has suggested that, as a group, doctors treat men and women differently.

The general signs of diabetes are increased thirst, passing more urine, increased urination at night, increased hunger, tiredness, blurry vision, sores or cuts that won’t heal, weight loss etc. If these symptoms are present you have to consult a doctor. Of particular interest to men with diabetes is erectile dysfunction. It is one of the complications that sometimes affect men with long-term diabetes. 

Men’s sexual health and diabetes

Long-term high blood sugar level creates sexual problem in men. The biggest cause of sexual problem for men is nerve and artery damage in the genital area. This condition disrupts blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction. Doctors often deal with such erection problem.

Male body and diabetes risk

The journal BMJ Open in 2016, published a study, which states that men are at a high risk of diabetes after less relative gain in their weight than women are. The team analyzed 480,813 participants. They found that men varied less in their body sizes than the women at the time of their diabetes diagnosis. 

The earlier research analysed over 95,000 participants and confirmed 2,437 adult diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This found that people who had a higher body mass index (BMI) got diabetes at an earlier age.

The 2016 study also measured waist circumference, the result showed that, if the men put an average of 9 centimeters on their waist size, he would get type 2 diabetes or an average rise of 3 in their BMI.

The fat in men’s body store more belly and around the abdomen than women, including putting on more fat around the liver. In women instead of abdominal area, fat tend to store more below their skin and around the hips and buttocks. After menopause the women tend to deposit fat in a way more similar to men.

Evaluation of diabetes

After 45, men tend get to obese and overweight, and fat started to deposit in a way that is riskier for diabetes. Blood sugar test helps to evaluate the signs and symptoms of diabetes. All men above the age of 45 who are overweight have to definitely do blood test. 




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