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Medical Article


There are many factors which plays an important role in the development of cancer .Diet ,food habits, smoking ,etc makes up about 60% of cancer cases, so with the change in life style, cancer rates can drop dramatically. One of the easiest ways to protect you against cancer is to consume many cancer fighting foods

4 –Anticancerous foods mentioned below

Ginger     Garlic     Turmeric     Papaya leaf extract

Ginger : which is also known as ‘cousin spice of super anti cancer substance turmeric’. it is known for its ability to shrink tumours. While studies have revealed that it can reduce prostate tumour to 56% in mice.  It is a rich source of life enhancing antioxidants and can reduce inflammatory conditions.

Garlic : The anti cancerous  effect of garlic lies on its ability to produce Hydrogen sulphide which is a good remedy for protecting heart muscles from damage as a result of heart attack (REASERCHES IN ALBERT EINSTEIN COLLEGE OF MEDICINE) this is also responsible for preventing prostate breast and colon cancer. It has antibacterial properties it helps blood and tissue to hold more oxygen which cancer hates

Turmeric : Researchers at UCLA found that cur cumin exhibits numerous anticancerouus properties and has the ability to block cancer growth. Among the most currently researched of cancer fighting foods turmeric has repeatedly been shown effective cancer fighter.

Papaya leaf extract : Dr Nan-pong and colleagues of Japan has documented papayas powerful anticancerous properties, without the negative consequences of chemotherapy. The researches used papaya leaf extract for the conduction; with the anticancerous effect being even stronger with a larger dose of the extract

Papaya extract is able to fight various cancers such as cervix, liver, lung, CVS, pancreatic etc..