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Red Beauty for Natural Ailment

Beetroot wonders
The deep red wonder vegetable beetroot gains popularity as a super food through recent studies. The study claiming that beetroot juice can improve stamina, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. It is said that beetroot was first cultivated by Romans. They used to it treat fever, constipation, wounds and skin problems. The antioxidant betacyanin is a content of Beetroot and is a natural source of nitrate.

Health benefits of Beetroot
The earthy charm of beetroot has resulted in its universal acceptance in menus and recipes. Beetroot has exceptional nutritional values and it has to be consumed daily, either grated into salads, baked whole, boiled or roasted.

Liver cleansing
Liver helps the body to remove toxins and other harmful substance, and help the body to function without any illness and harmful side effects due to toxins. Detoxifying is effective for liver and beet is a natural liver detoxifier. People suffering with cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver get benefit from beetroot consumption.

Supports Heart
The heart failure usually occurs because the heart muscle has become too weak or stiff. The studies found that beetroot juice boosts muscle power, it reduces the levels of homocysteine, a risk factor for heart disease. High homocysteine level in blood is a greater risk factor for heart problems than cholesterol.

Fight against cancer
In Europe beetroot is being used to treat cancer for centuries. Betacyanin, the deep red pigment is full of cancer fighting compounds and it’s also known to cleanse blood, alkalize the body, and improve digestion. Thus the antioxidant betacyanin build the body’s immunity to fight against diseases and infections.

Skin glows
Lycopane, the powerful antioxidant present in beetroot has anti-aging property. It helps to remove free radicals and maintain elasticity of the skin. The carotenoids present in it helps to keep eyes, healthy and beautiful. It also helps to improve the quality of hair. The folate and dietary fibres present in beetroot helps to remove the impurities and dirt from skin and gives skin a natural glow.

Beat Pressure
The researchers found that a glass of beetroot juice a day reduce blood pressure in just 24 hrs. The nitrates in beetroot motivate this beneficial effect. Beetroot produces nitric oxide gas in the blood which widens the blood vessels and arteries and lower blood pressure.

Flexibility in physical activity and Exercise
Beetroot is a natural health tonic, that enhances athlete’s performance, digestion, lowering blood pressure, sharpens brain power and increase energy. It is a natural source of nitrate, which turns into nitric oxide in the body.  It widens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and allows more blood to flow. Muscle tissue also gets affected and reduces the amount of oxygen needed by muscles during activity which combines the effects of increase in blood flow and reduces the amount of oxygen required to perform exercise.  The new study related to health benefit of beetroot juice suggest that, it can reduce oxygen re-uptake and make low-intensify activities, such as walking, less exhausting for elderly people, especially those with heart and breathing problems.

Better sports performance
For athletes beet juice is the race winning boost. Study reveals that an adult who drank 500 ml of the juice a day could exercise 16% longer than those given a drink supplement with nitrate removed. Another study published in 2012 by Naomi Cermak, Martin Gibala, and Luv Van Loon, found that a similar six-day stretch of beetroot juice consumption in trained cyclists improved performance and power output by about 1% each over the course of a 10km cycling time trial.  The group of researchers from St. Louis University found that eating seven ounces of baked whole beets led to 11 recreational runners finishing a 5km trial faster.

Beets Nutritional value
The nutritional value of Beets, raw per 100 gram are:
Total calories-43

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