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Homoeopathy and Kidney Stones

Kidneys are two small fist sized organs located behind the abdomen on either side of spinal cord. Their main function is to flush out toxins from the blood in the form of urine

Kidney stones

When the urine becomes more concentrated kidney stones or calculi is formed. Kidney stones are generally seen in men than in women of age group of 30-50yrs.

Types of stones

Calcium phosphate stones
Calcium oxalate stones
Ammonium phosphate
Uric acid stones etc


Kidney stones are formed when urine becomes concentrated. Substances like calcium, oxalate, uric acid or cystine crystals leaves small residues or crystals along the inner surface of kidneys. Most people have chemicals in their urine which act as inhibitors and prevent kidney stone formation. Dysfunction of inhibitors leads to the formation of stones.

Dietary factors like calcium that makes up the stone are part of our daily diet

Hot climate and excessive sweating result in highly concentrated urine and their by stone formation


Disorders of kidney like polycystic kidneys

If PH of urine is alkaline calcium phosphate is precipitated

Signs and Symptoms

Pain : most patients have intermittent dull pain in the loins aggravated by movement and better by rest. Phosphate stones are asymptomatic or silent

Profuse sweating
Nausea and vomiting
Chills and fevers
Bloody or cloudy urine
Constant urge to urinate
Recurrent urinary infection

          X ray  and  Scanning


Dietary changes : 3- 4 Lt. of water intake a day can flush out small crystals
Bed rest
Renal stones when large are removed surgically
Balanced diet and adequate fluid intake

Homoeopathy and Kidney Stones

Homoeopathy not only treats the symptoms but also tries to root out the underlying cause, also offers symptomatic relief .Different individuals shows different symptoms and medicines are given according to it.

Common Homoeopathic remedies for kidney stone

Aconite - Most suited in the acute stage, if urine is scanty and times bloody, aggravation by lying on painful side

Arnica - Dark brick coloured sediment in urine, painful urination

Belladonna - Useful when urine is dark and cloudy with lots of phosphate stones

Beriberis vulgaris - Sensation of some urine remaining after urination, bubbling sensation in kidneys and pain in loins radiating to groin during urination.

Calcaria carb - Urine is often bloody with white sediments.

Cantharis - When symptoms come on with marked intensity; Burning sensation and desire to defecate while urinating

Colocynths - Hard red crystals in urine, intense burning along urethra while passing stool ameliorated by bending forward

Nitric acid - urine smells like horse urine, very offensive and dark coloured

Lycopodium - Red sand appears in urine and is indicated for retention of urine. Complaints aggravate between 4 - 8 PM

Sarsaparilla - Urine dribbles while sitting; good remedy for renal colic in children, child screams in pain before urination and there is sand in diaper.

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