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Signs of Stroke

Stroke is an acute neurological injury which is caused due to blood clot (ischemic) or bleeding (haemorrhagic) leads to stoppage of blood supply to a part of brain. Hence the oxygen supply is decreased and it initiates ‘ischemic cascade’ causes brain cell death or damage which results in a cerebral stroke


High blood pressure,       Diabetes,    Cholesterol

Heart disease,       Cigarette smoking


Numbness  or weakness of an armL leg / face or one side of the body

Impaired vision in one or both eyes

Loss of balance and dizziness

Sudden confusion in speaking

Sudden head ache


Lay the patient down with head and shoulders slightly elevated

Call   emergency medical help

And if the patient not breathing well do a CPR

If the patient is breathing place the patient on the left side

Do not permit a suspected stroke victim  to move or eat/drink anything


Do regular check ups for BP and  take BP pills regularly

Eat balanced  healthy diet and food with less salt

Exercise regularly

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