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Lipid Profile Screening

Lipids are a group of naturally occurring molecules that include fats sterols fat soluble vitamins mono, di, and triglycerides that are derived from fats. Lipids are essential for cells of the body but excess of lipids can cause serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, and even death; when they deposit on the walls of blood vessels and block the flow of blood.

Screening lipid profile
Screening and early diagnosis can ensure early treatment and prevention of complications. Screening tests are usually recommended for adults of 20 yrs or more screening test can be done before 20 if he suffers from diabetes, high BP, Obesity, premature heart disease

Even if the blood test is normal, it should be repeated every 5 yrs.  Blood test is usually done after overnight fasting

Total cholesterol  A level of 200mg/100dl is desirable

Serum Triglycerides Triglycerides along with a high LDL –cholesterol level increases the chances of adperson suffering from a heart attack. A level less than 150 mg/dl is considered desirable

HDL –cholesterol Which is often called as  good cholesterol  place a role  in removing the excess fat from blood, 40-60mg/dl is considered normal

LDL- cholesterol  is referred to as bad cholesterol .A level of less than 100mg /dl is optimal

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