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Ten home remedies for acidity

Acidity is the term used for a set  of symptoms caused by excess production of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach.  Stomach normally secretes HCL which is required for the break down and digestion of food we eat.  Out stomach produces gastric acids to aid digestion.  But their corrosive effects are neutralized by the production of natural by carbonate and prosta glands secreted in the mucus lining.  When the production of these chemicals is interrupted then it leads to damaged stomach lining which caused acidity.

Consumption of spicy and non vegetarian foods
Smoking and alcohol
Stomach ailments like peptic ulcers, stomach tumours etc.
Medications like non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
Lack of physical activity
Irregularity in eating pattern

Burning in the stomach and in the throat
Nausea belching and sour taste
Indigestion and constipation

Acidity is treated with the help of antacids which contain either magnesium or aluminium containing compounds.  These antacids neutralize the excess acid in the stomach thus providing relief from the symptoms. 

Ten home remedies for acidity
Banana, cold milk, elaichi, thulsi, jeera, clove, mint leaves or puthina, ginger and amla.

Don’t consumes spicy food
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Eat small and regular meals
Consume your dinner 2 hours before sleeping
Reduce stress
Avoid medications like non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

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