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Diabetes and Homoeopathy

Diabetes is a condition characterised by the presence of excessive amounts of sugar in the blood stream (hyperglycaemia).Insulin controls the level of sugar in blood.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1   which is known as insulin dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes, there is deficit of insulin from pancreas, in such patient’s insulin is injected into the blood stream.

Type 2   Almost 90% of all diabetics suffer from Type 2, When a person s body is unable to make use of the insulin produced in the body

Gestational diabetes  which is seen only during pregnancy and is diagnosed during antenatal check -ups

Typical symptoms 

Extreme thirst
Frequent urination
Exhaustion or tiredness
Blurred vision
Numbness of extremities
Wounds that don’t heal easily
Ravenous appetite
Loss of weight
Conventional Treatment
Healthy food habits
Regular physical exercise
Daily insulin injections
Oral medication and insulin therapy


          Heart disease and stroke
          Loss of vision
          Kidney and nerve disorders
          Tooth decay
          Gangrene resulting in amputations

Homoeopathic concept

Homoeopathy is based upon universal law let likes be treated by likes, Homoeopathy perceives a patient as an INDIVIDUAL without focusing on the disease according to this system the root cause of all disease is the miasms ie psora syphilis and sycosis

Homoeopathic remedies

Acetic acid - Emaciation and weakness is marked ,severe thirst and copious pale urination

Argentum metallicum - Urine is profuse and turbid in appearance with a sweet odour. Swelling in ankles

Arsenic album - severe marked exhaustion, restlessness, unquenchable; thirst Urine is albuminous and scanty

Cephalandra indica - Diabetics with severe thirst for large quantities of water and have dry skin with severe itching and boil.

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