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Decreased Appetite

A decreased appetite or Anorexia is a condition where a person does not feel like eating a variety of foods. A reduced appetite can cause weight loss due to fewer intakes of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Conditions that could result in a decreased appetite

The infection may vary from a mild flu to more serious infections like viral hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, polynephritis, HIV that affects multiple organs

Chronic conditions
Disease that affects an individual for a long time can cause loss of appetite, like chronic kidney, heart and lung failure. Diseases like irritable bowel syndrome colitis etc also can reduce appetite

Cancers especially those affecting the stomach, colon, pancreas and ovaries can result in decreased appetite .chemotherapy and radiation can also reduce appetite

Endocrine diseases
Conditions like hypothyroidism Addison’s disease etc

First trimester of pregnancy
Nausea and vomiting results in decreased appetite

Mental health issues
Stress and depression decreases appetite

Intake of multivitamin and protein supplements
Appetite can be increased by eating your favourite food
Drink plenty of water

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