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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome [A R D S]

It is a lung condition where the patient suffers from sudden breathlessness, due to damage of lung and blood vessels supplying to the lungs.

1,Sudden breathlessness: symptoms usually begin within 12 to 36 hrs  on exposure to risk factor, the inflammatory cells and the protein rich fluid produced by damage of blood vessels to lungs may form hyaline membrane which obstruct the movement of oxygen to the blood resulting in breathlessness
2,Lung inflammation

Sepsis(here blood is infected with bacteria)
Bacterial pneumonia
Severe trauma,  injury to lungs etc)
Aspiration of gastric contents  like  acids
Drug overussage
Post-cardiopulmonary bypass surgery                                                                       

Patient suffers from trauma during ventilation
Muscle weakness
Kidney failure
Stomach ulcers

Chest x-ray(shows opaque areas in lungs)
CT scan and kidney function test

Patient need ventilatory support
Underlying causes are treated
Fluids should be restricted
Corticosteroids are administered to diabetic mother before delivery in cases where the baby has high risk for ARDS

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