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Eliminate Sleep Problems of Kids

 Swollen adenoids and tonsils generate several problems, especially in children. It cause sleep disturbance, including sleep apnea among children. The recent study shows that surgical removal of tonsils and adenoids do not improve kids’ memory or attention, however, their sleep, quality of life and behaviour did positively change. The researchers published the report pertaining to the effects of sleep apnea in children in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Role of Tonsils and Adenoids

The tonsils are located at the back of the mouth on each side. The adenoids are at the back of nose. These lymphoid tissues are part of our immune system. Their role is limited, so the removal of tonsils and adenoids doesn’t weaken the immune system. Studies reveal that its removal reduces the frequency of illness in some children.

Problems with swollen adenoids and tonsils

Enlarged Adenoids and tonsils may cause poor disposition and irritable behaviour, eating problems, delayed growth, constant nasal obstruction and congestion, poor alignment of teeth and abnormal facial development. Sleep apnea, the obstructed breathing during sleeping, is a notable disorder due to swollen adenoids and tonsils. Children with obstructive sleep may experience excessive daytime sleepiness including fatigue and may fall asleep at inappropriate times. In actuality, the most common daytime consequence of children’s poor sleep quality leads to irritability and poor concentration, rather than tiredness.
Dr. Susan Redline, Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School said, “There have been parents who are worried about their children’s snoring and sleep apnea, and felt nervous that if they didn’t do surgery immediately, they might be exposing their child to poor school performance”. She clarified that if a parent wishes to choose a more conventional approach of observant waiting, there is simply no need to worry as there is no threat of mental decline.

Best solution for sleep problems

For proper functioning and behaviour of kids need sufficient sleep. Previous studies explain that sleep apnea is related with ailments such as attention-deficit/hyper activity disorder (ADHD), in children. According to scientists, swollen adenoids and tonsils block the airway and interfere with the process of breathing.
Dr.Redline said, "Children who are having behavior problems, are feeling sleepy, are waking up un-refreshed in the morning and dragging during the day are much more likely to get a benefit from early surgery."

Effect of Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy have excellent chance of eliminating obstructive sleep problems. Dr. Reddlie says, "There was a greater improvement in sleep with the surgery, and those improvements were likely responsible for the improvement in daytime functioning, energy levels and behavior."
The researchers enrolled 464 children aged between 5 to 7 years, who were randomly assigned to have adenotonsillectomy or "watchful waiting with supportive care." Adenotonsillectomy is the surgical procedure to remove tonsils and adenoids. Experts observed that nearly half of the enrolled children were overweight or obese.
In order to assess if their learning and memory abilities improved with surgery, the kids were examined via a test called the Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment. The scientists did not notice any difference between children who were operated and those who were not in terms of memory and attention.
However, significant improvements were observed in the behavior, executive functioning, quality of life and sleepiness in children who were operated as compared to those children who were in the watchful waiting group.
The researchers asked the parents of children participating in the study to rate how efficiently their wards performed in their tasks, planned, got along with other kids and whether they displayed any annoyance or mood swings or had any trouble sleeping. The researchers further added that the final study results were confirmed by both teachers and parents.

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