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Medical News

Heart disease & Stroke, the top killers

Heart disease and stroke were the top killer diseases in 2013. The report was revealed in American Heart Association’s 2016 Heart Disease and stroke statistics update. American Heart Associatrion(AHA), president, Mark Creager said, “ Statistics about Cardiovascular disease and stroke, and particularly the metrics about death and the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease are incredibly important”.

According to 2013 data, 31 percent of all deaths are from cardiovascular disease. Stroke accounted for 11.8 percent of deaths. 80 percent of cases are occurring in low and middle income countries. Studies showed that one of every three deaths in US, in 2013, were from heart disease, stroke and other cardio vascular diseases.

The new update was formed by compiling the most-recent data available in AHA, the institute of Health, the center for disease control & prevention and other government sources. The AHA, President, Creager said, despite the progress in reducing the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke, the number are still too high.

The update now tracking the health factors and behaviours,  contribute to good cardiovascular health. Habits like smoking status, physical activity, health diet, body weight and control of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar are tracks.