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Medical News

Exercise Improve Memory Power

The new study published in the Cell Press Journal current Biology reveals, regular exercise improves one’s intellectual ability.  The research in Italy came to this conclusion that exercise enhances the essential plasticity of the adult brain. Brain plasticity generally declines with age, especially pronounced in the sensory brain; it has less plasticity in adults than in younger people. “ We provide the first demonstration that moderate levels of physical activity enhance neuroplasticity in the visual cortex of adults. By showing that moderate levels of physical activity can boost the plastic potential of the adult visual cortex, our results pave the way to the development of non-invasive therapeutic strategy exploiting the intrinsic brain plasticity in adult subjects’, says Claudia Lunghi from the University of Pisa in Italy.

Using the test of binocular rivalry the researchers measured the residual plastic potential of the adult visual cortex in humans. The researchers selected 20 adults with one eye patched. They watched TV sitting in the chair and in another test one eye patched group watched TV along with exercising stationary bike. Lunghi says, we found that , during  the two hours of eye patching, the subject intermittently cycles, the perceptual effect of eye patching on binocular rivalry is stronger compared to a condition in which, during the two hours of patching, the subject watches a movie while sitting in the chair. Exercise plays an important role in brain health and recovery.

This is a hopeful news for patients suffering with amblyopia, traumatic brain injury and more.