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Medical News

Air pollution cause low birth weight

According to doctors, the major reason for low weight babies being born in rural India is because of continuous exposure of pregnant women to indoor air pollution. In rural parts of India women are too much exposed to ‘chulhas’ burning wood, coal and animal dung as fuel.  The burning cause air pollution, the carbon monoxide in the air causes interference in passage of oxygen.  It also creates respiratory diseases among women.

The continuous exposure of pregnant women to air pollution may lead to low birth weight, also to brain deformity, asthma and improper growth among newborns.  Gynaecology specialist Banditha Sinha says, “For a woman, the time between conception and birth is perhaps one of the most vital life stages. If a pregnant woman is exposed to too much air pollution, causes difficulty in the passage of oxygen, which leads to oxygen insufficiency and hence results in low birth weight or even death.”

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) released a data related to it. According to the release every year 5 lakh people live in India due to indoor air pollution. Children and women are the ones most affected. Recently the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) announced that one of its focus areas in 2016-17 will be to raise awareness to use electricity or LPG stoves for cooking, to bid the indoor air pollution.

“People in rural parts of the country have to understand that the total suspended particles present inside a kitchen has 1,000 times greater chance to penetrate deep into the lungs than the suspended particles outside.

“There have been various cases where due to the continuous exposure to indoor air pollution, the nervous system of newborns also gets damaged. The pollutants are extremely poisonous to newborns, even leading to deaths,” said Nilesha Chitre, gynaecologist in SVR Hospital.