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Medical News

Swine flu Virus still exists in Air

Swine flu virus, the universal threat in 2009-10, continues to circulate in the air in various parts of India. The Union Health Minister, JP Nadda, responding to the question in Rajya Sabha said, 12 swine flu deaths and 4,288 cases were reported in Delhi till November 22, the figure is higher than year 2014 reports.

Some places like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Telungana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were largely affected by the outbreak of swine flu. Mr. Nadda said, to impede swine flu, screening, risk categorisation of patients, clinical case management and ventilator management guidelines are being provided to the states. The states are procuring drug osaltamivir, N-95 masks and personal protective equipment as per their requirement.  The laboratory network of Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme and Indian Council of Medical Research across different parts of India is providing free testing facilities for Influenza A H1N1”.

Mr.Nadda says, “While declaring the Influenza Pandemic to be over by 2010, World Health Organisation (WHO) informed that the Pandemic Influenza virus would continue to circulate as seasonal influenza virus causing sporadic cases and outbreaks in various intensities”.