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Electric shock can be serious

The electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical source, and it flows through his/her body. The danger depends on the type of current, the voltage, person’s health and how quick the person gets medical attention. Electrical shocks need emergency medical attention even if the person seems to be fine. Electrical shock may not show any visible burns or mark, but can cause internal damage, cardiac arrest or other injuries.

Low voltage electricity doesn’t create significant damage, but exposure of body to high voltage electricity can cause serious tissue damage. The burns usually occur at the point of contact of the electrical source and the ground. Mostly hands, heels and head are common points affected. A severe shock causes the person fallen from height and leadto multiple injuries even a serious neck injury. Neurological injury is common in people struck by lightning.  High voltage of electric shock stimulates muscle contraction. Some people may have cardiac arrest after the shock. Spine injury is also possible.

If the person shows symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain or abdominal pain, the person may have internal injury due to shock. Pain in the hand or foot or a deformity of a part of the body may indicate a possible broken bone resulting from electric shock. The injury may occur to muscles, heart or brain from electricity or to any bones or other organs from being thrown from the electric source.

Symptom for emergency
Electric current can cause external and internal injury depending on the voltage of current passing through the body.  Unconsciousness, broken bones, symptoms like chest, arm, neck, jaw or back pain, headache,  problems in swallowing, vision or hearing, irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms and pain, numbness, breathing problem, seizures, skin burns, all indicate emergency situation to take the person immediately under medical care.

Immediate cares
If you see someone suffering from electric shock, approach them with extreme caution. Never touch the person or attempt to move the victim from current source. The first step you have to do is to separate the person from the source of electricity.  Quickly turn off the supply, by unplugging the appliance or turning off. If it is not possible remove the person from the source of electricity using a piece of insulating material.
If the person seems unconscious after removing the electric connection, immediately call ambulance. If the person is not breathing or do have a pulse do CPR.Even if the person seems to be well do not avoid medical attention. Monitor the victim because the effect of an electric shock may not be immediately visible.  Prevent the injured person becoming chilled, cover the burned areas with sterile gauze bandage. Don’t cover using blanket or towel, because loose fibers can stick to the burns.

Preventive Measures
While working with electrical circuits you have to take certain precautions. Practice safety when you working on any electric circuit, because it can not only injure you, but also kill you. To rescue the injured person always shut off the power circuit. Before touching the person check it with tester and confirm the power is fully off.  While working with electric appliances avoid wet areas, otherwise wear rubber boots and gloves to reduce the risk. Place a warning label in dangerous circuit areas. Make proper design, installation, and maintenance of electric devices, educate public regarding the devices, keep all electric gadgets out of reach of chidren, and learn to respect electricity and electrical devices.

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